Our Mission 

SLS is an independent, non-sectarian, coeducational preschool providing preliminary education for children, ages two and a half to six years old. Known for its excellence in kindergarten preparation, SLS is a leading preschool in San Francisco. SLS accepts students without regard to race, color, creed, and national and ethnic origin. 

Our Goals

  1. To provide an open, warm and welcoming first step from the home environment to school where children learn to trust adults and are free to express their feelings and their needs.
  2. To show all children that they are loved and valued for their individuality and the wonderful gifts they bring to the classroom.
  3. To strive for excellence in pre-school education.
  4. To encourage children to fulfill their individual potential.
  5. To teach children to approach new situations with a positive, enthusiastic and open mind.
  6. To teach children to be independent, self-reliant free thinkers.
  7. To provide a stimulating environment where each child’s potentialities and abilities are recognized and encouraged to unfold in accordance with their inner clock.
  8. To provide a structured environment where there is a balance between academic instruction, social interaction and artistic expression; where a child’s self confidence is supported and developed by providing a range of positive developmental experiences.
  9. To foster respect and responsibility, to help the child internalize structure and develop inner discipline.
  10. To prepare the child for the transition into kindergarten, either in a public or independent school.

Daily Schedule

  1. Children arrive at school and are greeted by teachers.

  2. The children shake hands and say “Good Morning” and are encouraged to make eye contact with the teachers who greet them at the door. They take off their coats and hang them up on their hooks.

  3. The children use the bathroom and wash their hands.

  4. With the help of their teachers, the children find their name-tags and place them in the container.

  5. While they are waiting for other children to arrive, they participate in various activities and are encouraged to visit with the teachers, socialize with their friends and work with the manipulatives that are placed on tables.  This free playtime lasts for approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

  6. The bell rings and all children line up and come to the rug.

  7. Our community gathering consists of a general lesson.  We say the Pledge of Allegiance, sing “America!” and say the Lord’s Prayer.

  8. While on the rug, we practice listening skills and review various concepts. 

  9. Next, we participate in music and movement activities on the rug. 

  10.  The class is divided into three groups. Each group spends time in the garden, art room, music room, and main classroom.

  11.  Gymnastics, ballet, and cooking classes are once per week, while music and movement are part of our regular curriculum.

  12. At the end of the day the children have a short story time and prepare for dismissal.

  13. At 12:15 p.m. the afternoon class arrives at school.  Their schedule is similar to the morning class, but activities and lessons reflect Pre-Kindergarten learning and practices. The children are divided into four groups.

  14.  During the school year, we have many exciting visitors to SLS and celebrate various religious and ethnic holidays.